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3 Must-Have Off-Road Recovery Tools

Taking your vehicle off-road allows you to see places that aren't accessible from public roadways. Off-road vehicles are manufactured to traverse tough terrain, but that doesn't mean they can't get stuck from time to time.

The companies that specialize in off-road recovery must have a specialized set of tools that allow them to rescue vehicles in all kinds of terrain.

Learn more about these tools so that you will be able to appreciate the value an off-road recovery company can provide.

1. Recovery Straps

Recovery straps are a simple, yet versatile tool that every off-road recovery company needs in its arsenal.

These straps come in varying lengths and weight ratings. Off-road recovery companies will carry several straps to ensure they have one that can accommodate the vehicle that needs to be recovered.

Using chains, ropes, or other materials not designed to withstand the pressure applied during an off-road recovery could cause serious damage to both the tow vehicle and the vehicle being recovered.

2. High-Lift Jack

Another useful tool that off-road recovery companies need is a high-lift jack.

It's not uncommon for a vehicle to become high-centered on a rock or bogged down in a pit of mud. It's difficult to access the right attachment points for recovery straps in these scenarios.

A high-lift jack can be used to raise a stuck or stranded vehicle up off the ground. This increased clearance makes it possible to safely attach recovery straps and pull a vehicle out of any tough situation without causing any significant damage.

3. Winch

A winch is a type of mechanical recovery strap. Most winches feature a long metal cable that is connected to a motorized spool. The cable has a tow hook attached to the end.

Once the tow hook has been attached to the vehicle that needs to be recovered, the motor is activated and the cable is retracted.

Off-road recovery companies use winches when the terrain a vehicle is stuck in prevents the use of a tow vehicle. Winches reduce the potential for an accident while allowing a recovery to take place in an area with limited space.

Operating your vehicle off-road comes with some inherent risks. You must establish a relationship with an off-road recovery company so that you will have access to reliable assistance if you ever get stuck in the backcountry.

An off-road recovery company can use recovery straps, a high-lift jack, or a winch to rescue your vehicle from any situation.

For more information, contact an off-road recovery service in your area.