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Keep Your Fleet Of School Buses Well-Maintained

Students and parents rely heavily upon the bus drivers who are responsible for picking up and dropping off children prior to and after school. It can be worrisome for everyone if a bus breaks down while en route to the school or a student's residence, especially if there is nobody on hand to fix a mechanical problem. Hiring a mobile bus mechanic service and ensuring that they are able to respond promptly will remedy unforeseen transportation issues.

Have The Fleet Checked Out And Purchase New Buses

During a school break is the best time to have the fleet of school buses inspected and repaired. It may seem as if you are saving quite a bit by putting off the purchase of new buses, but you could actually be paying more out of pocket by having the same repairs made time after time.

If any of the buses are old and have a lot of mileage on them, then it may be time to junk the vehicles and purchase new ones. Newer buses won't be likely to break down from basic trips through town and you can make a point of keeping the new vehicles well-maintained so that they do not become damaged like the previous buses that were driven. 

Go Over The Basics With The Mechanic

The mobile mechanic who you hire should have a fairly flexible schedule so that you can receive prompt help with the mechanical malfunctions or damages that your bus drivers encounter. Make sure that the mechanic has knowledge about the type of buses that are part of the fleet. Go over the basics with the mechanic, including information about prior repairs that were made to each bus.

The mechanic should also be aware of the bus routes that your drivers travel. Provide the mechanic with a map that includes all of the routes and landmarks that are located along the roadways so that finding one of your drivers during an emergency situation won't be difficult to accomplish. 

Have A Viable Way To Contact Those Involved

Your drivers need to be able to contact you immediately whenever a problem arises that is going to prevent them from completing a bus route on time. Equip each driver with a mobile phone. Make it known that you need to know that an issue is present as soon as it occurs so that you can contact the mobile mechanic. After receiving notification about a problem, contact the parents of the students so that they are aware that their children will be late.