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Great Aftermarket Features To Consider Adding To Your Used Freightliner Truck

New frightliners feature all kinds of bells and whistles, ranging from blind spot protection to video-based coaching systems. However, you don't necessarily need to buy a brand-new freightliner to get all those neat accessories. If you are trying to save money by looking at used freightliner trucks, you may want to focus on aftermarket features that you can add onto your truck later.

Boat Tail

A boat tail is a set of large fins that you add to the end of your trailer. Adding a tail that's two to three feet in length can help reduce fuel costs by 6%. Basically, that means that you'll save about $60 for every $1,000 you spend on fuel for your semi.

If you are buying a used freightliner that is less fuel efficient than a contemporary model, this can help reduce that difference.

Aerodynamic Bumpers

When trying to make your semi more aerodynamic, don't just focus on the trailer. You may also want to make changes to the cab. Consider looking for a used freightliner that has an aerodynamic bumper, or add an aftermarket aerodynamic bumper yourself.

These bumpers feature air dams underneath then. That decreases the clearance between the front of your bumper and the ground. This critical reshaping allows the truck to move more easily through the air, even in windy conditions. A traditionally shaped bumper hits the air like a snowplow, which is not ideal if you are trying to boost your fuel efficiency.

Rearview Cameras

You can buy aftermarket rearview cameras for commercial and noncommercial vehicles. In lieu of a built-in collision avoidance system, this can help to guide you. It can be especially helpful for parking in tight spots or dropping off loads in busy areas.

Improved Seat

You spend a lot of time in your semi, and it helps to be comfortable. Sitting in the wrong position can lead to backaches or other types of pain that makes it impossible to drive. To give your body a break, you may want to invest in a new seat for your used truck.

Ideally, you should look for a seat with a built-in suspension system, lumbar support and armrests. You may also want to look for extra perks such as a heated seat or a massaging back.

Extra Power Supply

Some new frightliners are adding extra power supplies for medical devices. In particular, these power supplies are designed for drivers who need to use a CPAP machine. That helps the driver because he or she can run his or her CPAP machine throughout the night.

However, it's also helpful for the trucking company. When people have an issue that prevents them from sleeping well, that makes driving more dangerous, as it makes them more prone to falling asleep on the road. When your CPAP machine is working, you're more likely to get a good night's sleep.

Whether you want to run a CPAP machine or just charge a laptop through the night, you may need an auxiliary power source. For example, a recreational battery such as the type used in motorhomes may be ideal.

Safety Apps

Finally, you may want to invest in a safety app. This tracks how you are driving. If you are buying a fleet of used freightliners, this can be extremely useful because it allows you to track how all of your drivers are doing.

Ideally, you want to look for an app that has relatively unobtrusive hardware that you can attach to the dash or under the hood of the semi. Then, you want the app to automatically send alerts to a central system so you can track what's happening.

For additional advice and for information on used freightliners, contact a company like Arrow Truck Sales.